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  • github

    Github is a code hosting platform for collaboration and version control. All my projects are stored on Github.

    4 posts published

  • open-source

    Open-source (OSS) is used to indicate that a software or application which code can be seen, modified and distributed by anyone.

    3 posts published

  • front-end-checklist

    The Front-End Checklist is one of my open-source project which came out in 2017.

    3 posts published

  • user-experience

    User exerperience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. (By Don Norman, Jakob Nielsen)

    2 posts published

  • best-practices

    Best practices are rules generally accepted which can help you solve a problem... At least, that's one definition.

    1 post published

  • security

    Security is an important topic, as a developer, security is always a domain we constantsly need to learn more about.

    1 post published

  • canada

    Canada is the country I decided to move to in 2018. It's a country I love and lucky to call my home.

    1 post published

  • travel

    I've had the chance to travel a lot the past 20 years. I hope to discover new continents (like Asia) in the future.

    1 post published

  • usa

    The United States of America is the closest country from Canada. I had the chance to collaborate and participate to events there.

    1 post published

  • new-zealand

    I've always been fascinated by New Zealand. It has been one of the country in my list to move in. But I choose Canada instead.

    1 post published

  • collaboration

    Collaboration is at the center of any professional relationship. I've always been a fervent advogate for more collaboration between different deparments.

    1 post published

  • front-end-development

    Front-End Development is my specialty. Usually Front-End regroups everything that is around HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    1 post published

  • user-interface

    User Interface often comes with UX, but UI is only for digital product and focus on user aesthetics.

    1 post published

  • morning-routines

    Morning routines are essential for a good health and to maximise your energy along the day! I've experiements different routines in the past years.

    1 post published

  • self-improvement

    Selft Improvement is one of my favourite topic. I've been reading books with related topics since I'm a teenager.

    1 post published

  • aws

    Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platforms which I use to storage or APIs. I still have so much to explore!

    1 post published

  • github-actions

    Github Actions is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform I've been using for years to automate builds and deployments.

    1 post published

  • netlify

    Netlify is a cloud computing company that offers free hosting and serverless services. Most of my projects are deployed using Netlify.

    1 post published

  • nextjs

    Next.js is a React framework that offers statis and server rendering. The current blog is build using Next.js.

    1 post published

  • life-lessons

    Every day is a new day and a new lesson for me. I try to document everything I learn on this blog.

    1 post published

  • steam-deck

    The Steam deck is a handheld gaming computer I received in August 2022. This is a perfect device for a non hard gamer like me.

    1 post published

  • gaming

    I'm not a hard gamer, I've started playing with DOS games and have been an occasional player for many years.

    1 post published

  • coding

    Coding has been one of my passion since 2004. Even when I started working professionally in 2011, coding is still a big passion for me.

    1 post published

  • pnpm

    PNPM is a really fast package manager. Currently used for this blog.

    1 post published

  • npm

    NPM is a Node Package Manager / registry for JavaScript projects.

    1 post published